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To be an artist is to be an explorer

The birth of a painting is different every time. Sitting or standing, sometimes the wait can be short or long before a birth appears on a white canvas

Art is constantly being explored, through different media, oil for the texture, acrylic for the impatience, watercolor for the transparency, ink for the spontaneity of the gesture and mixed medias for the experimentation.

From my first paintings as an artist I've been seeking myself. I've also studied academically the different supports, the different techniques, different subjects, from nature to abstraction, including figuration of the human body caricature but the central axis and the essential lies in the observation and the simplification of the elements.

Movement is what obsesses me, from a very young age, and more and more, through the lines that radiate the movements. I don’t want it to be an end in itself, just a desire to express a feeling of reality.




A glimpse of my passion through these galleries

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